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Love and care for yourself are essential for good health and lifestyle. It is reported that people who maintain a daily regime; nourish self tend to have a good outlook on life. They can handle almost any challenge that a day might bring. While viewing this site, you will encounter some surprising ideas that will help elevate your spirit, increase your level of energy, and self-confidence. As top priority, we must take the time to focus on practicing good health and lifestyle.

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Thur. April 1, 2021

Pfizer Vaccine works in Children as Young as 12

The Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus vaccine has proven to be extremely effective in young adolescents perhaps more so than in adults the companies reported on Wednesday.

No symptomatic infections were found among children age ranging from 12 to 15 who received the vaccine in a recent clinical trial,  the drugmakers said the children produced strong antibody responses and experienced  no serious side effects.

Based on regulatory approval, vaccinations could begin  before the start of the next academic year for middle school and high school students, and elementary school children long after.

The companies announced that detail data from the trial which have yet to be peer-reviewed nor published  in scientific journal. The news drew praise and excitement from expert. Speaking on  behalf of children,  Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University concerts, “If the vaccine’s performance in adults was A-plus, the results in children were “A-plus-plus.”

Vaccinations are rolling throughout the nation. As of Tuesday 29 percent of the American population had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, and 16 percent have been fully vaccinated, according to CDC.

However, the nation has yet to reach herd immunity which is at 75%. It is imperative that each American continues on the path  to fight this deadly pandemic. Each American owe a debt of gratitude and commitment to American Youth.  Angela Rasmussen, a virologist affliated with Georgetown University could not have said it better: “The sooner that we can get vaccines into as many people as possible, regardless of their age, the sooner we will be able to really feel like we’re ending this pandemic for good.”

US Health News – Lifestyle

Mon. Mar 1. 2021

Immune response can mimic a sign of cancer

Doctors recommend patients schedule their mammogram before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or space out the two appointments after some women have mistaking swollen lymph nodes for breast lumps.

These swollen lump nodes, which are side effect of COVID-19 vaccine can also show up in mammograms and other types of imagings scans, according to experts on the matter.

In some situations, where a patient went for a mammogram, “there it was” [mistaking it for a lump],  said Dr. Harold Burstein, a breast oncologist at Dan-Farbar Cancer Institute.

Lymph nodes are specialized tissue in the  body’s immune system that contain white blood cells and they help fight against infection and disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. They are normal size of a lima bean and are all over the body, Dr. Burstein said. But the most prominent lymph nodes are located in the armpits, neck and groin area.

The nones under the armpits are most likely to swell after a vaccination because they’re closest to the injection site–where the shot is given. they begin swelling as soon as a few days after vaccination and could last as long as 12 weeks. And, the vaccine shouldn’t create any abnormalities in the breast itself, only under the armpit. But health experts emphasize this is completely normal as increased inflammation suggests antibodies  are at work protecting the body against SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19.

This is a normal immune response to a potent vaccine, Burstein said. It’s to be expected. It’s a well-desired consequence of the vaccine.”

US Health News 

Sat. Feb 27, 2021

Johnson & Johnson gets COVID-19 emergency use authorization by FDA

On Saturday, the first single dose Covid-19 vaccine is authorized for emergency use. The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized Johnson & Johnson’ Covid-19 vaccine is now available in the U.S

The Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine has be authorized by the agency to help speed up distribution that lagged a week ago due to a severe winter snow storm that hit southern Texas panhandle and the Mississippi regions.

Since the pandemic began, more than 28.5 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and a little over half a million deaths in the United States, and demand for vaccine still exceeds supply, J&J vaccines can’t come soon enough as White House’ senior for Covid Response tweeted on Friday, “A third safe and effective vaccine is very welcome news.”

The vaccine made by Janssen-J&J vaccine is authorized as safe and effective. Given as a single dose, the vaccine does not require special storage like Pfizer and Moderna and is authorized for people ages 18 and older.

The efficacy of the vaccine proved to be safe and effective. “We need a vaccine that can be quickly mass produced,” said Dr. Greg Poland, head of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group said on Friday. “We’d want to see a reasonable duration of efficacy and protection.”

The vaccine trial study involved more than 44,000 people in the U.S., South Africa and Latin American. On a global level, the vaccine was 66.1% effective against moderate to severe/critical Covid-19 at least four weeks after vaccination according to FDA analysis. In the U.S. it was considered 72% effective and offered 86% protection against severe forms of the disease.

According to Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine adviser to FDA said that one dose will keep you out of the hospital, keep you out of the intensive care unit, and keep you out of the morgue,”

However, the vaccine comes with a few side effects, mostly which are mild, including pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue and muscle pain.

 Overall, the FDC analysis reports that the vaccine is safe and effective.

While more research is needed, FDC analysis signals the vaccine may be effective in preventing asymptomatic infection.

US Health News

Tue. Feb 23, 2021

Dad of Family changes role of CEO to P.E. Teacher in Home Remote-Learning 

Many parents have taken on the role as teacher to their children during the pandemic. One such family is the Bodenhamer Family. Jeremy Bodenhamer 46, has taken the role as acting P.E. educator over his three boys. During the shuttered playgrounds and parks, the CEO of packing-and-shipping-software company ShipHawk starting leading his boys out in the family garage gym.

Bodenhamer and his wife Bethany both are CrossFitters and have always encouraged their boys practice good health by staying active.

“My boys love school but loathe Zoom school,” says Mr. Bodenhamer who live in Goleta, California. He said, “PE takes the edge off and gets their pent-up energy out.”

Titus who is 9, plays baseball, Solomon 8, loves hockey and running and Jeremiah 6, loves to play basketball and is a fan of baseball star Steven Curry’s MasterClass daily and mimics the NBA player’s drills.

Their daily health regimen starts out in the mornings on runs or leads them through short workouts after they finish their remote learning sessions meet their dad out in the makeshift gym in the garage. Occasionally, Bethany their man joins to make it a family affair.

The boys post their workout and fitness challenges on their Instagram account via @hardandham hoping to inspire other kids to keep active. The boys also raise money via GoFundMe campaign so they can purchase 700 jump ropes to give to local elementary school kids.

Mr. Bodenhamer also teaches his son that “fitness is more than strong muscles,” says “We talk about life lessons like goal setting and building strength inside and out.”

Mr. Bodenhamer and the boys’ workout starts at 6:45 a.m. Joins their dad for a 3-mile run three mornings a week as a part of the 100 Mile Club, a nonprofit fitness Center encouraging children to run or walk 100 miles during school year.

On some days Mondays and Wednesdays, he and his boys run on the school track or around the neighborhood. On Friday which he calls their “adventure day” they either choose to run on the beach or boardwalk downtown. Tuesday or Thursday mornings, the boys do foot drills.

A Crossfit regiment is executed five times a week after-school workout-high intensity, and functional movements. Tuesdays’ regiment is equipment-free that includes squats, push-ups, handstand holds and lunges.  When using exercise equipment, Mr. Bodenhamer encourages the boys to keep weights low. The gym is equipped with dumbbells, a 15- pound barbell bar and 5-and-10-pound medicine balls.

Mr. Bodenhamer says that kids love to jump and climb, so he has the boys to do a lot of pull-ups, rope climbs and box jumps. When doing obstacle course the boys would jump over a series of low hurdles followed by burpees and box jumps.

Workouts sometimes focus on sport skills. For example, the boys have a batting cage in the yard and would practice hitting and fielding. Other times, the Bodenhamer family moves the workout to the beach where the boys roll in the sand and run to rinse off in the water.   

US Health News

Sat. Jan 30, 2021

Setting up mass vaccination sites could play key role to achieve Biden’s Target Goal

In taking bold steps to help give 1.5 million shots a day during President Biden first 100 days in office, the Federal Emergency Management Agency could help set up 100 high volume sites nationwide  within a month. Public Health experts emphasize setting up smaller pop up sites to reach communities with access issues and vaccine hesitancy, large vacant office building that are easily accessible will play key role.

Dr. Joshua Adler, chief clinical officer for UCSF Health and cosponsors the site, said, “These kinds of mass vaccination sites will be a significant, and maybe major, part of vaccination everywhere.” 

Many small communities making their own plans for coronavirus testing sites. However, they don’t have to. High-volume clinics can be based on templates for influenza vaccinations developed by public health and medical experts since 2005, said Dr. kelly Moore, deputy director if the nonprofit Immunization Action Coalition. She said that states have drilled on these types of clinics for years, and her organization collects resources for conducting such clinics and posts them on a central website.

Of course, things don’t always start smoothly— and to expect to make adjustments. For example last weekend in Delaware, long lines become a nightmare experience at two mass sites on Saturday extended to  a more orderly Sunday, and 11,154 seniors and health care personnel got vaccinated. Extreme cold weather caused Department Health computers batteries to run down, leading to registration issues, which was resolved with backup generators.

In New York’s Broome County, mass vaccination appointments had to be voided because a website scheduled them prematurely.  In San Francisco, where the first mass vaccination site opened on Jan 22.  By Tuesday 2,500 people had received their Covid-19 shot. It was reported health officials had expected to have a total of three site in three corners of the city to make them accessible to most residents.  The first site was set up near the city southern edge in a parking lot.  The setup was described as  a “soft launch” with limited hours to work out kinks before the site ramp up with full capacity of people. A winter storm shut down Wednesday, the city had it set up by Friday.  While expecting things to go not go as smoothly as it should, be prepared to make adjustments.

US Health News

Wed. Jan 27, 2021

Johnson & Johnson is expecting Vaccine Trial Results soon

Johnson & Johnson said it expects to report privitol results of a large clinical trial of its Covid-19 vaccine by early next week, and will deliver 100 million doses for use in the U.S. by the end of June if data are positive and the vaccine is authorized

Although the pharmaceutical company reported improved quarter sales and higher-than-expected earnings, Strong sales growth from it drug products boosted revenue as the coronavirus pandemic heavily impacted on other parts of the business.

Sales revenues of its medical devices continued to drag as people have postponed elective procedures during the pandi The company saw a modest growth in consumer-health products contributed to the latest quarter’s sales boost.

Speaking on  the results of a 45,000-person clinical trial of J&J Covid=-19 vaccine, Chairman Alex- Gorsky said he was optimistic about the results of the trial. He noted on a call with analysts that the results form a smaller, early-stage study were positive.

Gorsky said, ” We are hopeful that’s a good precursor to the kind of efficacy and safety that we’ll see in a larger population. Of course, until we see this final data, we won’t know for certain,” he said.

Receiving emergency approval from the U.S. FDA would be welcoming after a rocky rollout of the vaccine due to lack of logistics and coordination of distributions. Indeed, 100 million would boost the nation’s supply chain.

In his briefing conferences, President Biden announced that he ordered the federal government to purchase additional 200 more doses –100 million from Pfizer and 100 million from Moderna.

Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, J&J has one potential advantage, is that J&J vaccine tested it as a single dose. The shot can also be stored at standard refrigerator temperature, whereas  the two vaccines authorized earlier in the U.S.–Pfizer-BioNTech Inc and Moderna Inc are tow-dose shots that must be kept frozen, then thawed before being administered.

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