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“The President’s Daughter,” set to come out in June 2021, follows their best-selling novel “The President Is Missing.”

It’s been two years since Former President Bill Clinton and author James Paterson wrote their first novel together “The President Is Missing” came out in 2018 and was one of the biggest stories in publishing, selling more than 3.2 million copies. Now Mr. Clinton and Mr. Paterson will work on a second book, “ The President’s Daughter” set release for in June 2021, will follow a former U.S. president living in rural New Hampshire whose daughter is kidnapped. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The New York Times Book Review, Nicole Wallace called it “ambitious and wildly readable, with a president brimming with “humanity,” character and stoicism. The breath of the book is combined with Mr. Clinton’s deep knowledge of government and the presidency and Mr. Patterson’s quantitative storytelling style with short chapters and cliffhangers.
The President’s Daughter will be a standalone book featuring a new cast of characters rather than a sequel. In an announcement released by the publishers Knopf and Little, Brown.

“I never imagined I’d be writing a book with a master storyteller like Jim, much less two.” He added, “I believe readers will enjoy reading “The President’s Daughter as much as I’m enjoying working with it.”

Mr. Patterson, one of America’s most prolific novelists, relies on a stable of lesser-known writers to produce his thrillers at a steady clip. However, David Ellis was credited in the earlier Clinton collaboration, though it’s not clear if he will be involved again. Mr. Patterson has expressed that working with Mr. Clinton is “a highlight of my career” and said that readers “won’t be disappointed” by the forthcoming novel.

Kierra Sheard Waited A Year To Release Her Self-Titled Album And It Paid Off

It all began early April, Twitter praised her splitting image of mother, Karen Clark Sheard, in the Lifetime film “The Clark Sisters— First Ladies of Gospel.” The biopic chronicles the origin, rise and success of one pf gospel music’s greatest acts. The movie became the highest-rated for network TV since 2016. Then on April 17, the 32-year-old gospel singer released her eighth album, “Kierra” which debuted at the top of the Billboard Top Gospel Album Chart. Sheard told HuffPost, “I sat on CI this music for a year for a year and sitting on the music for that long I was beginning to be frustrated.”

This is Sheard’s first project under a new partnership between RCA Inspiration and Karen Entertainment, a record label and entertainment company launched by her parents [her father is J. Drew Sheard] in 2009. When business took longer to finalize than she expected, she turned to God for relief. So, I prayed, and I felt like God was showing me I have a specific time [for you] to release this,” Sheard said.

Sheard who recorded her debut album when she was 14, which it took years for her to comfortably showcase her musical range whether it was stirring vocals for worshipers in church or upbeat track to bump in the car with her friends. Sheard has gospel legends to thank for praying the way for her to explore it all especially her mom and her aunt’s group—The Clark Sisters.

The Clark Sisters, along with their mother, Mattie Moss Clark, “You Brought the Sunshine” at the Grammy Awards ceremony 27 years ago—fulfilling a longtime dream.

Tyler Perry: Actor-Playwright

Tyler Perry attends his studio grand opening at Tyler Perry Studio on on Oct. 5, in Atlanta Georgia

Tyler Perry these days wears many hats. He’s producer and director, playwright who’s somewhat a philanthropist giving back to his community by creating opportunities for those who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to pursue acting career. Beside his line of accomplishments is acquiring “Tyler Perry Studio” in Atlanta.

One can rightfully say that is a man who wants to get it right—he continues to fight to get it right despite of what some critics say. Perry proclaim to fight saying, “ While everyone was fighting for a seat at the table talking about #OscarSoWhite, I said,’Y’a ll go on ahead and do that.” He said at BET Awards…while you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own.” That he did building. Not waiting to wait any longer, Tyler build his table 330 acres in measuring located on land where Fort Mc Pherson, a former military base use to be. A talented playwright elevated from homelessness to building his own studio near the Georgia State line highway 166 where he slept in his car. Hustling to gain entry in the movie industry, the 52 year old is blessed; outshining any studio in Hollywood Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal studios.

Tyler Perry has become an ICON for the new era of Black cinema and TV. His accomplishments in the movies and TV production includes early TV series “Martin” and” Fresh Prince of Bel Air”in 1990 romantic comedies such as “Poetic Justice,” “Bloomering, “Boyz in the Hoods.” and “The Woods. However, many of his critics pointed to portrayal of Black Women in his film as stereotypical. The majority of criticism came from one of his most lucrative characters: the gun toting, cigarette-smoking heavy-set woman called “Madea” which he played for 20 years. Tyler Perry’s production of “Medea” propelled his second play in which the character “Madea” first appeared in “ I Can Do Best All By Myself.”

Tyler Perry: A Man who proved you too can achieve your dream!

“In the beginning, I knew there were sacrifices that had to be made. If I were going to own, the budgets could not be over a certain amount. Now that I’m at this place, I can give greater production values.”

Indeed, that he knew and act on it moving forward by faith. Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, As a child, he was marked by poverty and scarred by household abuse. Tyler at a young age he begin to write down his thoughts and experiences through a series of soul-searching letters to himself. And was very graceful about the advice which he took from Oprah Winfrey who believed in him which inspired him to pursue his “dream.” Characterized by strength, faith, and determination during a turbulent adolescent the letters provided him the endurance and inspiration to writing his first play “ I know I’ve Been Changed” in 1992. Despite of saving his money to produce and stage is first play that resulted in an empty house, He endured the disappointment of not having a packed audience. However, he was determined to keep the faith that one day this will all change and six years later he play produced a sold- out crowd that forced him to move his production to Fox Theater in Atlanta and hi infamous character which he performed in “Madea On The Run” would be a sold out in theaters nationwide.

It was because of his conviction in faith and fortitude that carried him along the journey as a writer, producer, actor, and director in the competitive world of theater and entertainment industry With 13 plays [13-year span] included “Women Thou Art Loose,” and I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and the infamous character “Madea.”a character known for being God-fearing, gun-toting grandma. In 2005, Tyler made a fearless step in films in which he produced, acted, and directed “Dairy of a Mad Black Women.” This film production went on to become No.1 in the U.S. Countless other hits followed such as Why did I get Married?, “Meet the Browns, “and “the Family that Preys,” The publication of his first book (2006) publication made New York Best-Seller: “Don’t Make a Black Woman Take off Her Earrings: Madea’s inhibited Commentaries and Life and Love made the list for eight straight weeks. Tyler went on to claim the Quill Book Awards for both Humor and book of the year. Tyler Perry is known for his unique brand of inspirational entertainment to audiences everywhere. Tyler Perry is featured in this photograph as Madea, as the infamous character.

Lt Colonel Robert Friend: A Hero in his own Rights!

One of the last original hero of the infamous all-black Tuskegee Airmen has died at age 99. The daughter Lt Colonel Robert Friend reported to the Desert Sun that her father died Friday, June 21 at Southern California Hospital. Born in 1920’s. Lt Colonel Robert Friend flew 142 combat missions in WWI as one of the fighter pilots trained at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. A program was created after the NAACP begin challenging the policies banning black people from flying military aircraft. Friends 28 year military experience included service in the Korea and Vietnam wars. He also served as foreign technology program director working on space aircraft before retiring as Lt Colonel and forming his own aerospace company. Lt Colonel Robert Friend is truly a hero in his own rights!

© Provided by The Associated Press FILE – In this Sept. 11, 2013 file photo, actress Loni Anderson, left, receives the Millie Taylor award from Lt. Col. Bob Friend, a Tuskegee Airman, during the 2nd Annual Heroes Helping Heroes Benefit Concert at The House of Blues, in Los Angeles. World War II pilot Friend, one of the last original members of the famed all-black Tuskegee Airmen, has died at the age of 99. Friend’s daughter, Karen Friend Crumlich, told The Desert Sun her father died Friday, June 21, 2019, at a Southern California hospital. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision /AP, File)

Morehouse College Graduates Receive a Liberation Gift from Billionaire Robert F. Smith

Morehouse College Guest Speaker Robert T. Smith Founder of Equity Vista Partners on Sunday promised to pay off 396 student loans of graduating class of 2019

Atlanta, Ga Morehouse graduates received unforgettable news from Morehouse College guest speaker Mr. Robert F. Smith, the billionaire investor of Vista Equity Partners 2000. The billionaire promised to pay off loans of 396 Morehouse students totaling $40 million. Morehouse’s president David A. Thomas calls Smith’s gesture as a “Liberation Gift. The 56-year old Smith started his incredible journey as a Chemical Engineer for Goodyear and Kraft before attending business school. In addition, Smith worked for Golden Sach specializing in Technology Investment.
Smith was decided to sign the Giving Pledge spearheaded by Billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda gates Foundation challenging the wealthy Americans to give away half of their fortunes. Smith wanted to help other inspiring college graduates; to focus on causes to support equity of Black Americans and the environment. Billionaire Smith said, “I will never forget that my path was paved by my parents, grandparents and generations of African-Americans whose names I will never know… their struggles, their courage, and their progress allowed me to strive and achieve. My story would only be possible in America, and it is incumbent on all of us to pay this inheritance forward.”
Robert F Smith received an honorary degree along with Actor Angela Basset and Psychologist Edmund Gordon. It is reported by Forbes Magazine that the entrepreneur and Founder of Vista Equity Partners is worth about $5 billion

CEO Warren Buffet: Humble Yet Admired

Most admired people are those individuals who project confidence, love, humility. empathy and positive — like a beam of light when [s]he enters a room—their presence seems to affect everyone around them. Such individuals show qualities wherever they go and whomever they are with. While some have personality traits that others admire making them attractive and likable, make them stand out from the crowd.

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are named as the two most admired people [male and female] in the America and around the world, joined by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates—Bill Gates Foundation, Oprah Winfrey— talk show host, writer and producer, Sec of State Hillary Clinton and Senior Senator Elizabeth Warren. Although these individuals are named among the Top Ten Most Admired People in America and the World, CEO Warren Buffet is included on the list as well.

Warren Buffet was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30, 1930. He is considered as the third wealthiest person in the world. An American business mogul, investor, philanthropist, who serves as chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he is worth US$84.9 billion. Warren’s accreditation includes University of Nebraska, Columbia Business School, and the New York Institute of Finance] with a focus on business economics. While studying business economics at the NYIF, Buffet admired Benjamin Graham in that he helped to mold Warren’s investment philosophy and enhanced his economic background that led in developing business partnerships with Graham and his own firm: The Buffet Partnership. The firm later acquired textile manufacturing firm and named it Berkshire Hathaway to create a diversified holding company.
Although Buffet is known around the world by several nicknames: “Wizard” “Oracle” and “Sage” by international media stage, Buffet has a frugal and humble personality despite of being the third wealthiest person in the world and one of most admired.

Viewpoint: How did America Got Talent become an instant success?

America Got Talent has captured notoriety as the no 1 reality/entertainment show around the global. Other countries have followed suit such as Brittan Got Talent produced by Simon Cowell. Since TV reality have shaped the entertainment industry. It could be due to the 2008 economic crisis, which impacted the entire nation —entertainment and film industry—the decline of DVD rental and sales, While the housing and auto making industry fail, the financial institutions, and Wall Street was under scrutiny due to a corruptive trading and loans system.

The Actors Guild, the Oscars and Academy Award Associations were impacted the most as high paid actors were supported by movie-goers and ticket sales which started to decline as they begin to focus more on day-to-day necessities and less on leisure time events. In response to this shift, key players of the entertainment community begin to search for undiscovered talent (those who hope to become stars and were willing to take the risk for less) to perform on TV reality shows. Each year many people came to perform and and votes were cast in favor of the top 10, top 5 and top 3 positions. This year three finalist are Courtney Hadwin Simon Cowell pick, Micheal Ketterer Howie Mandrel pick, and Zarcuroh Tyra Banks pick,

Regina King Wins Big for Her Role as Best Supporting Actress in If Beal Street Could Talk

Regina King being her acting career in the family sitcom 227. Ms.King received an Oscar as best supporting actress for her role in “ If Beale street could talk.” She accredited to her mom who supported her with love and encouragement as a young actress up to this moment of triumph. The audience was moved by Ms. King’s acceptance speech as her mother was teary-eyed while receiving a standing ovation during her speech. The actress has acting 25 years long-awaiting moment at last.

The 91st Oscar Awards – Ruth E. Carter (Costume Designer) Standing Proudly With Her Oscar.

After Regina King acceptance speech. Ruth Carter become the first Black African American women to receive an Oscar for her costume design in the movie “Black Panther” Ms. Carter said, “I dreamed of this night and I prayed for this night honestly…what it would mean not just for me but for young people coming behind me,”

Billionaire pays $34 million to settle Morehouse student loan debt for class of 2019

Robert F. Smith Guest Speaker to Graduation Class of 2019 at Morehouse College Commencement

Billionaire Robert F. Smith the founder, Chairman/ Chief of Office at Vista Equity Partners and family has donated $34 billion to new Morehouse College Student Success Program to pay off loans of 400 graduate and parents of class 2019 as reported the school to fund Morehouse education. In May, Mr. Roberts announced after Commencement Speech to graduates that he will pay off as much as $40 million to cover the class of 2019 student debt at one of the most historically prestigious university—Morehouse College was the chosen recipient. Robert Smith said, “You great Morehouse men are bound by only the conviction and creativity in a surprise announcement during his commencement address at the men’s liberal art college in Atlanta. Among colleges and universities, the nation’s student loan crisis is $1.6 trillion in the red for which nation’s debt is is disproportionately impact people of color—aspirant from low-income backgrounds and students of for-profit higher learning institutions.

Morehouse President David A. Thomas says, “this liberation gift from Robert Smith, first of its kind to be announced at a graduation in higher learning education will be life-changing for our new Morehouse Men and their families.” In addition, Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of says, “this gift is well-targeted at the need, since Morehouse College student are forced to borrow and above average “amount of debt.” Undoubtedly, this kind of generosity is extraordinary, but is not a long-term solution to student debt crisis, and is meant to stifle dreams of obtaining an advanced degree—creating a drag on the economy, but shine a ray of light for students and their parents in lending a helping hand to help student avoid default on their student loan debt. According to a 2018 study by Brookings institutions, it is predicted that nearly 40% of student loan borrowers could default by 2023.

Morehouse’s calculation of student debt average between $35,000 to $40,000 which is more than the average student at historically black colleges and universities can carry by commencement day. Sandy Baun, senior fellow for the Center on Education Data and Policy at Urban Institute informs that student debt crisis needs to have a collective—selective response that target students who most the help. “We don’t actually need to forgive debt for those who can afford it,” she said. “ We need to think about how to carefully design policies that are targeted at the people at the bottom, not people who will do quite well in the long run.”
Perhaps Sara Goldrick-Rab professor of higher education policy at Temple University in PA may have the best solution to student debt crisis that it is in the hands of the voters. Students need philanthropy, they need policy change, and they need people to show up and vote next fall [2020] she said in an email. “if you think college costs too much and student debt is doing harm, then your single most effective action is to vote”…

Two recipients photographed here received Dave Schroeder Scholarship to pay for their college tuition

An Ordinary Carpenter becomes extraordinary by providing college tuition for 33 recipients

While racism has become a national conversation that is shared by the media- commentators, political figures, celebrities and ordinary Americans, we need to turn our attention to other ordinary Americans. who do not have notoriety as those that previously mentioned. Nevertheless, there are [some] ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things. There are [some] Americans whose focus is on helping others rather than themselves] while some tends to focus on power and manipulation of others; spending much time and effort on their agenda[s]. While every American has freedom and opportunity to shape their own future, there is a need to help and support others who are less fortunate.

In his will, Iowa carpenter Dale Schroeder stipulated that his nearly $3 million in savings be used to send underprivileged youth to college.

Dale Schroeder, 67 years old who worked all of this life as a carpenter at his same business in Des Moines, Iowa, died in 2005. Dale was a frugal man who saved almost $3 million in his life. He had only two pairs of jeans, one for work and one for church. Steve Nielsen, his lawyer and friend told KCCI that Schroeder never married and had no living descendants. One day, Schroeder did decided to do something extraordinary. He walked into Nielsen’s office and told him that he wanted to start a scholarship fund as he never had the chance to go to college, but wanted others to be able to get an education. Nielsen described his friend as an ordinary blue-collar—lunch -pail kind of guy. Since Dale Schroeder’s death, 33 recipients college tuition has been paid through Mr. Schroeder’s Scholarship.

A dinner was celebrated in Dale Schroeder’s honor on Saturday evening as the 33 college recipients gathered together. each sharing success story and honoring the man who made their dream possible. They sat around the carpenter’s lunch pail many who are now doctors, teachers and therapists. Kira Conrad is a therapist who received one of Schroeder’s
scholarships. Conrad said, “For a man that would never meet me give me basically a full ride to college, that’ incredible, that doesn’t happen”

Schroeder’ legacy lives on as 33 recipients [Dales’ kids] are making their mark on the world. Indeed, this is the kinds of extraordinary things each American should do., that is leave a legacy to pass on from generations to generation. Like Nielsen said, “All we ask is that you pay it forward …you can remember him , and you can emulate him, “he told the 33 recipients Perhaps this will be a reminder for every American to emulate to leave a legacy ; to make a mark in [OUR] American History.

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