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Welcome to Diplomacy In The Making and More’s sports news page. Here, you’ll get the most up-to-date information about winning teams and players in the NBA, NFL, and other professional leagues as well as NCAA games (competition), scores, and plays between colleges and universities.

Sports News

The sports and entertainment industry have become a powerful image in America and around the world. The industry reaches across all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The industry has carved out a powerful image that impact our nation and the world. It speaks of hope and inspires us to do our best under any circumstances. The millennial community gives support by tuning in to every sport event on TV and social media. While players in the sports arena have become powerful role models, they have become great commodity adding billions of dollars to global economy. It is reported revenue global sports market reached U.S.$90.9 billion from 2005 to 2017(Statista, 2019). While U.S.  reported revenues nearly reaching U.S.$70.5 in 2019 reported by Forbes. 

Suni Lee dazzle, clinches Tokyo spot as second behind Simone Biles in olympic trials


Simone Biles is not the only U.S. gymnast leaving for the Tokyo Olympics. Eighteen-year old Suni Lee has locked up one of the two spots for the team with her second-place finish in the two-day trials event. Simones Biles, scored high in her all-around performance, made a mistake on uneven bars , a fall on the balance beam and a step out of bounds on each of her two floor passes, allowing Lee to take hold the advantage to finish first at the trials. Lee

combined crisp releases in a fluteless routine that gave her the highest bars score on Sunday. On the first day of the competition, Lee, a two-time U.S. champion on bars also has a world bronze on the apparatus, scored 15,300 on her routine, the highest score received in her career.

Lee said, ” I think it’s just a really proud moment overall because it’s such a hard bar routine and when it finally came together, it just felt like all my hard work paid off.”

Lee led the competition on the balance beam a confident, clean, routine to edge Biles who has an olympic bronze in the event. [The two contenders],Lee nor Chiles have no reason to worry about making the team. Lee’s faultiness performance on beam positioned her in second behind Biles.

Recently three weeks ago, Lee struggled through an ankle injury that had left her with a noticeable limp. Last week, she said her ankle had been getting stronger with competition and she is expected that to continue if she made the Olympic team.

In 2019, Lee’s father, John Lee fell from a ladder while helping a friend trim a tree that paralyzed him from the chest down. He is doing electronic stimulation on his legs, but remains in a wheelchair. Having faced the many challenges, Lee continues to compete in nationals and finished second behind Biles in the all-around competition, a contender for the Tokyo. She also made the gold medal-winning team for world champion this year

Tennis star, Naomi Osaka announces she will withdraw from French Open ‘and take come time away from the court’

During her four-day experience, Naomi Osaka has been stressed over issue of doing post-match news conferences. Osaka, a second-ranked star had won her first-round match Sunday, 6-4, 7-6 (7-4) over Patricia Maria Tig of Romania.

Osaka said in a statement she will withdraw from the tournament becoming stressed over doing post-match news conferences. In a statement on social media, Osaka said it is best thing for her, the tournament and for the other players.

The tennis court [surface] at the French Open has always been a challenge for Osaka who has not experienced playing on a clay surface. In four play at Roland Garros, she reached the third round thrice and the first round once. A drastic contrast to the two hard-court Grand Slam tournaments which she won two each of the U.S. Open and Australian Open while only 23.

In a run-up to French Open, news conference questions focused on her past difficulties and doubts expressed in an online post by a family member, according to her sister Mari, a retired tour player. Being faced with news conferences questions, Osaka announced last week that she would forgo news conferences in Paris because of “mental health [stress] and often spoke about trying to temper her unrealistic expectations for herself.

Despite challenges, Osaka went on to win the 2018 U.S. Open at 20 and the 2019 Australian Open at 21. However her level of performance began to drop experiencing causing her to become stressed over it.

During the pandemic, Osaka travels to the French Open was delay to the fall because of an injury. Her wins in New York and Melbourne was described as unusual in 19 career Grand Slams, Osaka’s record shows she has won the tournament or lost by the fourth round, which means she is 12-0 lifetime in quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. She describes her experience in a statement: I mean, honestly, I’ don’t sleep during Grand Slams at the 2020 U.S. Open. “I guess I’m going to try to sleep [before the final],” she said. It’s probably going to look like me lying in my bed with m eyes open, trying to will myself just to go to sleep.”

Sports News

Fri. Feb 13, 2021

UCLA Gymnast’s Viral Janet Jackson Floor Event 

UCLA gymnast’s viral Janet Jackson Floor Event gets praise from Janet Jackson. Margzetta Frazier honored the singing and dancing legend’s moves while she did her tumbled. She received a 9.925 score for her floor routine from superstar Janet Jackson who inspired her.

Thursday, on Twitter, Ms. Jackson tuned in on Twitter after Frazier’s tribute to the pop star went viral. Ms. Frazier woke up screaming in joy at the sight of the pop star tweet. “I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT!!! YOU ARE WHY I LOVE TO DANCE.”

Frazier combined turbocharged tumbling to music with some of the Pop star’s choreography from her iconic videos.

Frazier, a Junior and two–time All-American on the uneven bars, has been sharing the floor exercise spotlight in part with UCLA senior Nia Dennis recently went viral for a routine that honored Black Culture, earning a shoutout from former first lady Michelle Obama,

Russel Wilson, Seahawks quarterback is honored the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award during the league’s official awards ceremony on Saturday night. Wilson is the second Seahawk to win the award. Hall of Fame receiver Steven Largent was honored the award in 1988. He was nominated in 2014 again this year 2021 awarded the trophy on Saturday night.

In his acceptance speech, Wilson reflected on conversation with his father, Harrison Wilson who died from complication s of diabetes in 2010.

In the opening of his speech, he said “Dad, I know one of your favorite athletes of all time was Walter Payton. The player he was, but more importantly the man he was, the leader, the giver, the person. Man, Dad, I wish you were here for this award,” Wilson said.

There were moments when he remembered the wisdom which his father spoke: “Son, love changes things. “Well, Dad, you were right. I wish you were here to tell the world that in the toughest times, 2020 was the most difficult time in history.”

Russell, the giver was intensely involved in his charitable endeavors. One, includes visits every Tuesday to Seattle Children’s Hospital which he continue virtually as well as his ‘Why Not You Foundation donating more than $9 million to Strong Against Cancer to fund life-saving immunotherapy treatment since 2014. His accredited his interest in visiting Seattle Children Hospital to his mother Tammy, an emergency-room nurse while he was growing up in Richmond, Virginia

Russell’s Why not You Foundation are co-founders of United Way’s Ride United Last Mile campaign which provided 211,000 deliveries [2,414,321 meals] nationwide and 28,759 deliveries [860,000 meals] across King County.

Wilson and his wife Ciara this year embarked on several COVID-19 pandemic-related endeavors: Donated one million meals to Feeding America and Food Lifeline, partnered with the aviation company Wheels Up t leach the Meals Up campaign raising more than 50 million meals.

Indeed, Wilson’s father words of wisdom to drive his son to carry out his mission.

“We are stronger together than we are alone. To the boy or girl who has a dream ..who wants to make a difference, remember : Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes always perseveres. “Love changes things.” Words of Wisdom well taken by Russell Wilson, honoree of the Walter Payton Award Man of the year.

Will Colin Kaepernick return to the NFL?

Will Kaepernick Colin choose to return to the football field? That has yet to be determined by the NFL league and f Kaepernick accepting its offer should the opportunity presents itself. Despite his absence the NFL, Kaepernick has become one of the most prominent, influential public figure in American culture. He has been seen at galas such Met Gala. He received a standing ovation at the U.S. Tennis Open also featured in a Nike Billboard in Madison Square Garden while dressed in clothes of Black designers such as a T-shirt that displays slogan of the civil Rights movement.

As an advocate of social injustice and police violence toward people of color, Kaepernick gained recognition as one the iconic figure in America History. As Shana Redmond, the author of “Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora put it, He’s bigger than NFL. He doesn’t need this job back in order to continue being the formidable thinker and activist that he’s become, said Ms. Redmond.
We can’t speculate results of whether Kaepernick will return to sport he loves since it will depend on the perimeters of the workout itself by the day, time, location— on four days’ notice dictated by the NFL which Kaepernick and his representatives tried to change. Obviously, it’s up to Kaepernick whether he wants to return. It all depends on how much that he love the game, and his desire to play despite of negative reviews upon his return.

Former Lineman turned doctor, but retired at 42 after being diagnosed with traumatic encephalopathy ‘Dementia’

Football is a gruesome sport. Playing the sport takes lot guts and grit and determination despite having a love for the competition of the game. T.J Abraham had that kind of mind in playing football. He was a football player for a top Catholic High School outside of Pittsburgh and later played for Duquesne University for three years. Abraham had a love and competitive spirit for the game taking hit after hit as an offensive lineman. “I probably got my bell rung 70 time,” he said.

Abraham went on to become an obstetrician & gynecologist physician who had delivered nearly 3,000 babies during his practice. T.J. Abraham had a beautiful home, a wife and a young daughter and a teenage son.
T.J. Abraham had start to suffer memory lost, and sometimes he had difficulty making decisions. As a result, he decided to have a series of medical tests done and was diagnosed with neurodegenerative dementia. He was told there were no cure for this disease. A team of doctors in Boston, Philadelphia, and California confirmed that Abraham’s cognitive issues was the root of head injuries be received playing football. It is for this reason that T.J. Abraham will testify at a New York State Assembly hearing on a proposed bill to ban tackle football for children at age 12 or younger. He hopes that one day his survivors will learn that he had traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerate disease linked to hits to the head, the one that found almost always occurring in many football players.      

Simone Biles Breaks record for the most medals won by any gymnast 

Reported from Stuttgart Germany— Simone Biles has broken the record as the gymnast with the most world medals male or female winning gold on the balance beam Sunday at the 2019 World Gymnastics Championship. Nearly an hour later, Biles return to the arena and won her 25th gold medal for her floor exercise that include a series of technical skills never done by any other gymnast, a triple-twisting, double somersault in the competition–to extend her record-setting tally.

Simone Biles was the first to successfully land the skills on the world stage during last week’s world championship competition, both skills: triple-twisting double somersault floor and dismount beam routine will be known as the Biles dismount on beam and the Biles II on floor which is distinguished from another skill she pioneered on the floor that is already known as “the Biles.” Her signature—flawless routine of extreme difficulty beam dismount claimed [ 15.066] to win the gold; her 25th world medal which broke the tie of China-Liu Tingting [14.433] and Li Shijia [14.300 ] of the silver and bronze respectively.

Evidently by holding the title of Olympic and five time world championship in all round competition, the 22 year-old gymnast closed the competition on floor exercise the final stage what would be her final world championships. A near flawless floor exercise, Biles stopped out of bounds on one overly exuberant tumbling pass which se the standard on [floor exercise] with an outstanding score of 15.133. Her fellow teammate Sunisa Lee 16 scored 14.133 claiming the silver in her world championship debut and Russia’s Angelina Melnikova scored 14.066 claiming the bronze.

Last Tuesday during the world Biles led the U.S. Women to their fifth conservative world team medal that surpassed Svetlana Khorkina as the most decorated female gymnast in history by collecting her 21st world medal. On Thursday, Biles won her fifth all round world gold by a record margin, pretending to drop her mic at the end of her routine.. On Saturday, she returned to tie Sherbo’s record 23 gold medals. On Sunday, Biles earn a gold medal on the beam.

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