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Getting away from the “hustle and bustle” of life for an exciting hiatus or vacation is rewarding for you and your family. Our viewers are provided with vacation destinations and tourist attractions featured on the Diplomacy in the Making website. You will view [exotic] places such as Union Station in Washington D.C, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong Cultural Centre-Hong Kong, South of Puglia, Italy, the Truili of Alberobello which includes travel amenities such as hotel & airfare, car rental and your own tour guide to explore popular tourist attractions upon locations.

Airlines are scrambling to hire workers to keep up with travel demand

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines mitigated a plan to add flights to meet high demand of passengers traveling to Disney World in Orlando Florida. Travelers are seen boarding flight on July 4

The U.S. airline industry is facing a shortage of manpower to serve high travel demands of the masses. United Airlines inc. said they developed a mitigation plan to avoid such problem. The airline is flying a restrained schedule with fewer flights than its competitors as the company struck a deal to keep all its pilots flying last year that included accepting cuts in work hours and therefore pay.

Chief Operating Officer Jon Roitman wrote in a memo to employees in June “The agreement means we have the deep reservoir of pilot talent at United that we can tap to fly our schedule,” it read.
Kit Darby consults on pilot hiring and training said, It’s really a steep return. They probably got rid of too many pilots, and they may have parked too many airplanes.”

With that being said, it is uncertain whether travel demand will maintain its rapid pace this fall but the airlines have turned their attention to filling jobs they will need beyond the summer season.
Southwest is raising its minimum wages for hourly workers to $15 [per hour] in order to attract candidates. Prior to the pandemic, the airlines were suffering a shortage of trained workers, and executives of airlines such as Consultancy Oliver Wyman has predicted that a global shortfall of pilots could arrive as soon at the end of this year, if the recovery is strong enough.

Other major carriers such as American United and Delta Air Lines Inc. have all said they are starting to hire pilots or will soon as they look to replace those who are retiring and anticipate growth. In addition, staffing at Delta’s customer-service all centers fell by 50% as workers took buyouts or retired early last year. Due to new development in travel demand, call volumes are springing back to the 2019 levels, leading to long-hours waits. Delta is bringing back 200 former workers on a short-term basis by the end of the month. It also is hiring additional 1,300 reservation agents by fall. Additional staff will include luggage handlers, refuel planes workers and catering truck drivers—a drawn-out process for Delta as well as other airlines and companies that operate in airports. However, this process is taking longer than usual for new and returning employees to get the credential they need.
For now, pilots aren’t the only constraint. Staffing at Delta’s customer-service call centers fell by 50% as workers took buyouts or retired early last year, the airline said. Now, call volumes are nearly back to 2019 levels, leading to hours-long waits. Delta is bringing back 200 former workers on a short-term basis by the end of this month in addition to hiring 1,300 new reservation agents by fall.

Hiring workers who load luggage, refuel planes and drive catering trucks has also been a drawn-out process. Airlines and other companies that operate in airports have said it is taking longer than usual for new and returning employees to get the credentials they need.
American airlines’ chief operating officer wrote in his memo that the airlines has been hiring 300 customer-operations employees at its Dallas-Fort Worth hub.
American’s chief operating officer, in his memo, said the airline has been hiring, including 300 customer-operations employees at its Dallas-Fort Worth hub.


This year traffic is expected to be a lot heavier on this Memorial Day holiday, according to American Automobile Association [AAA]
It is reported American traveling is expected to rebound significantly due to the more Americans being vaccinated, slowing the spread of the coronavirus. More than 37 million Americans is expected to travel 50 miles or more from home this year a 60% increase compared to last year when only 23 million traveled during the early stages of the pandemic as reported by the nonprofit auto club.
Paula Twidale senior vice president for AAA, said in a news release:

This pent-up demand will result in a significant increase in Memorial Day travel, which is a strong indicator for summer, though we must all remember to continue taking important safety precautions,” Twidale said.

The AAA notes this year’s expected travel level would mark a 13% drop from 2009, when 43 million traveled. Although Memorial Day is Monday May 31, AAA includes Thursday through Monday in its travel projections.
Popular destinations for road trips are Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Denver and Nashville, Tennessee, according to AAA.

While Americans will take that long awaited trip, expect to pay more for gas at the pump. Since the sudden shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline that delivers about 45% of the fuel to the East Coast, driving up gas prices and tighten supply. However, it is not certain that this would affect holiday travel

Lloyd Albert, senior vice president of public and government affairs at AAA Northeast said if most pipeline service is restored by the end of the week, as the company expects, there should be enough time to replenish supply and avoid significant holiday disruptions,” he said in a news release. Albert said that the pipeline went back online late Wednesday afternoon, though it is not expected to be at full capacity until the weekend and is expected to take several days for the supply chain to catch up.

According to AAA, travelers should be mindful that some local and state COVID-19 travel restrictions remain in place. Travelers can refer to AAA’ COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Map and for the latest information to help plan their trip.

US Air-Travel

Sat. Mar. 13, 2021

Schools that have been open for months are learning lessons

At this same time last year, the former White House administration threaten to shut down businesses, schools, and state agencies across the country.

From March 1 to May 30, 2020, an estimation of 122, 300 to 127,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. according to the National Center for Health Statistics [NCHS] all data analyzed was accessed on June 2, 2020. And, during spring break, tens and thousands of college students along sun dwellers traveled to Florida and California.

A year has passed, many college students on spring break once again are looking to take to the sky. On Friday, U.S. airports reported 1,347 million people pass through, the highest number since March 2020, just after the World Health Organization [WHO] declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

New figures from the Transportation Security Administration, bring relief for the aviation industry that have struggled to sustain during the pandemic as the stimulus bill that President Biden signed on Thursday.

However, airlines are booking leisure-travel flights to Florida which go against the latest guidelines from CDC. Last week, the agency warned that vaccinated people should avoid travel unless necessary.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of CDC said on Monday on MSNBC, “We know that after mass travel, after vacations, after holidays, we tend to see a surge in cases, and so, we really want to make sure —again with just 10 percent of people vaccinated —that we are limiting travel.”

However, on Friday plane travel remain low in the U.S. with nearly 38% less than what they were on the same day in 2019, according to TSA data. The latest increase in airline passengers has come as states continue to expand vaccine eligibility criteria and during the peak of the Spring break season.

One concern Mayor Dan Gelber of Miami Beach has “there are too many people looking to get loose,” she said. “Letting loose is precisely what we don’t want.”

Travelers who have not flown during the Covid-19 pandemic will be in for a big surprise if they are expecting empty airports and planes when they return. During holiday seasons— Thanksgiving, year-end holiday rushes the planes were packed despite the advise of CDC.

The latest report from T.S.A. stated it had screened 1,357,111 passengers on Friday on top of 1,284,271 on Thursday as travelers take out on vacations.

A  Skyview of Hamilton Island

Bermuda has put in place preventive measures to make it one of the safest travel destination in the world during the coronavirus pandemic. The island’s preventive measures include requiring a negative PCR Covid-19 test from visitors no more than five days before travel departure as well as testing upon arrival amd at various points throughout their stay.

There are many options for Bermuda-bound travelers in fulfilling their pre-departure testing requirements including a variety of convenient testing partnership available within the U.S. On the island, all necessary test are automatically scheduled for travelers. The details, testing times and locations are emailed directly to each traveler, to ensure a safe and worry-free experience form the time visitors arrive through their journey and their journey home.

Click here to find out the New Governmental guidance for immunized travelers.

§ Current Testing Protocols: All Bermuda-bound travelers including all visitors and returning residents must take a PCR COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result up to five days before travel.

§ All incoming travelers are also tested when they arrive by air or sea. They are automatically booked to be tested again on day 4, day 8, and day or day 14.

§ Results are typically returned within 24 hours, click here to see the latest traveler protocols.

§ Pre-departure Testing Options: Once you receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test result, you are free to travel to Bermuda, with the expectation that you wear a mask , socially distance, and adhere to any other guidelines currently in place

While there are many ways to obtain the test needed for travel to Bermuda, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has collaborated with partners, OpenClear Costco and AZOVA in the U.S. to provide three reliable testing options that are aligned with the Bermuda’s health protocols for visitors as well as residents of Bermuda returning home.

§ Testing for Departing Travelers: Most travelers returning to the United States, United Kingdom or Canada will have their outbound testing requirements met within the existing testing regime with testing on arrival, on day 4, day 8 and day 14.

§ Any visitor in need of an outbound test not covered by the existing testing program is automatically booked for a return home test. These will be matched with the 72-hour requirement for test results on the way out of Bermuda.

Note: Should the time or location of a test not suit you/ or inconvenient for you, please call the COVID hotline for rescheduling at 444-2488, or see more details.

§ On-Island Private Testing Options: A list of options are provided to you.

1. Dr. Arlene Basden with Bermuda

2. Dr. Amne Ossyeran with Island Health Services

3. Dr. Desiree Springs with Helix Genetic and Scientific Solutions

Note: To ensure you keep updated on restriction on in-door dining and other activities, click here for the latest Bermuda Travel Alert and learn more about safe and responsible travel in Bermuda.

Welcome to Bermuda–Enjoy Island experiences!

If your travel plans include a vacation stay in Bermuda, you will not be disappointed. The island has many tourist attractions–the local businesses for example. Located in the business area, a collection of stores where shoppers can purchase their favorite things whether a shopper is looking for the perfect piece of jewelry or that favorite pair of Bermuda shorts, these collections of stores will not disappoint!

Traditional Gombey Dancers

Want to know where the dance party is in Bermuda? Just listen. The colorfully attired Gombey dancers are the pulse and rhythm of Bermudian culture and are usually the finale at any event. When you hear that snare drum and whistle, you know it’s time to party!

At many street festivals, Bermudians follow behind their favourite Gombey troupe and cheer them on as the dancers “clash” against other troupes. Fans show a little love by throwing money into a circle of the dancers.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Colonial-era history and modern-day beach amenities meet at Tobacco Bay Beach. This scenic bay at the northernmost end of Bermuda was a backdrop for the Gunpowder Plot of 1775, in which Bermuda locals helped American revolutionaries steal a supply of British gunpowder from the Town of St. George. Today it’s home to the Tobacco Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant, one of the most popular visitor attractions in Bermuda. The calm lagoon is surrounded by unique rock formations, and you’ll find everything you need for a relaxing day on the beach, from chairs and snorkel gear to food, drinks and live music. You will enjoy a little ‘rest & relaxation at the Tobacco Bay beach—a popular vacation destination for sun lovers and adventurous beach partiers.

Travel & Tourist Attractions

Fri. Jan. 122, 2021

Procida, the colorful island off the coast of Naples in southern Italy, was named Italian Capital of Culture for 2022, beating nine other candidates.

It is the first time an island has been awarded this prestigious recognition; the award is given to the candidate that has presented what is considered the most promising culture project, meant to enhance the area’s cultural heritage and development, and to improve tourist services for national and international visitors.

Procida won with a project titled La Cultura non Isola, ‘culture does not isolate’ with the word ‘Island— a play on word meaning ‘Isola’ (Italian)

Italy’s Culture Minister Dario Franceshini announced on January 18, “Today’s nomination of the Italian cultural capital for 2022, which is a signal for the future; for the recovery. He added, “We will have returned to normality of culture and tourism will again be important and very strong as they were before the pandemic,” mayor Dino Ambrosino spoke shortly after learning Procida had won, This enormous joy we feel represents the feeling of many minor villages in Italy he said. And, “I think that Procida can be considered a metaphor for many places, many administrations, and many communities that have rediscovered enthusiasm and pride for their territory and who (with this title) wants to build an important redemption for their lands.”

He added: It is an extraordinary opportunity for a small Island, we will work hard to make Italy proud of this choice.”

Procida is part of the Flegrean Archipelago in the Gulf of Naples, which comprises four islands, including poplar Ischia. The island is very small 4.1 square kilometer[1 1/2 miles] . In addition, Procida Island has been featured in numerous films among the most famous are The Postman with Massimo Troisi and The Talented Mr. Ripley. In 2021, the winner of the Italian Capital of Culture was Parma. Due to pandemic in 2020, Parma was unable to put to fruition its culture projects, but is able to keep the tile La Cultural non Isola for one more year.

U.S Travel News

Sat. Jan. 15, 2021

The U.S. Capitol

The Capital Hill aftermath has prompted security concerns of President-elect Joe Biden plans to take an Amtrak train to Washington for his inauguration due to potential threats in the Capitol set for Jan. 20.

Federal officials [FBI] are tightening up security after the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capital last week to supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump and sent warnings to all 50 states capitals and in Washington to be on high alert for armed protests.

According to CNN news, the move to forgo the 90-minutes train ride from hometown Wilmington, Delaware is not easy as his preference for riding the train during his 36-year tenure as U.S. Senator that was a central part of his public persona that taking an Amtrak home in his final days as vice president, and is used a train to tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania while on the campaign trail— appealing to blue-collar workers.

Biden regular routine in his earliest days in the senate riding from Delaware to Washington and returning every night to help raise his young sons after a tragic accident took the lives of his wife and daughter in 1972. He gained many friends on the train which included the conductors and staff has it was featured in a short film and aired during the Democratic National Convention last August.

However, Biden will not be taking the train to Washington as he received a briefing from FBI officials, the Secret Service and national security team on the potential threats of violence in the coming days.

“In the week since the attack on Congress by a mob that included domestic terrorists and violent extremists, the nation has continued to learn more about the threat to our democracy and about the potential for additional violence in the coming days, both in the National Capital Region and in cities across the country,” according to a statement from the Biden transition team. “This is a challenge that the President-elect and his team take incredibly seriously.”

It is reported that security measure are being put in place such as non scalable walls and metal gates were erected around the Capitol, the National Mall and some nearby federal buildings.

Travel & Tourism

Mon. Jan. 11, 2021

Hawaii adjust travel requirements

When Hawaii launched a program in October allowing visitors to bypass the its 14-day coronavirus quarantine by showing proof of a negative coronavirus test, thousands of travelers took advantage of this offer. During Oct 15 when the bypass program took effect Hawaii’s to Dec. 31, there were 594,628 visitors arriving in the state. Now Hawaii has made some adjustments after the bypass program has ended. Travelers must upload a negative test result before they depart for Hawaii. Previously, travelers were covered as long as they had the [negative] result when they landed.

Now, Hawaii requires proof of a negative coronavirus test before you take off in order to avoid the 14-day quarantine. While booking your flight, you need to make an account with Hawaii’s Safe Travel site and register a negative coronavirus test that is taken no more than 72 hours before your departure.

Hawaii has provided a list of coronavirus testing services. For example, you can get a test kit from American Airlines, United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Passengers are responsible for the cost of the test kit which is $129 at American; and $119 at United and Hawaiian airlines. In addition, Hawaiian will let you use [your] miles to pay for the test. With at-home options, several airlines including United and Alaska have partnership with health care providers for on-site testing before travel to Hawaii, but you must make an appointment in advance due to other travelers who is choosing this option. So, you should check insurer to see if they cover the cost of testing.

Airlines require preflight health check for travel

A new pre-health check policy will take flight on United Airlines and Alaska Airlines. The health checklist companies will require that passengers fill out a preflight health checklist during check-in. United policy took effect Tuesday 9. Alaska will take effect on June 30. Alaska and United are implementing such policy as a precautionary measure, now that travel is slowly returning to travel as more and more states are relaxing coronavirus restrictions.
United Airlines and Alaska Airlines said this week that will require passengers to fill out a preflight health checklist during check-in.
United’s policy took effect Tuesday 9; Alaska will begin June 30.
The checklists vary by airline, Alaska calls it a health and wellness agreement and says travelers must verify they haven’t had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 72 hours or come into contact with someone who is symptomatic.
United’s “Ready to Fly” checklist asks passengers to confirm, among other things, that they have not had COVID-19-related symptoms in the past 14 days; been diagnosed with the virus in the past 21 days; or had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Frontier Airlines, the only U.S. airline taking passengers’ temperature before a flight, asks passengers to complete a health acknowledgment form on its app or website as part of the check-in process.
Frontier’s questionnaire asks passengers to acknowledge that no one in their household has had symptoms for the past 14 days.

All make passengers acknowledge the airline’s policy requiring face masks at the airport and during the flight.

Travelers who do not meet the requirement can reschedule their flight.

To win back travelers, airlines have spent three months intensifying their cleaning procedures; to spot each measure to avoid risks of infection [COVID-19] while in flight.
It is noted that the airline business has been gravely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Executives are warning major layoffs are looming. For example, the U.S. airlines carried 3 million passengers in April, a 96% drop from a year ago and the lowest level since at least 1974, the Federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics announced Wednesday.

Some states and counties are preparing for a “crazy summer” as public beaches and parks reopen for the summer amid coronavirus crisis

Being on lockdown for two months has taken a toll on you. Frankly, if you would like plan a short-distance trip to a nearby district. Taking an international six-hour-flight might make you feel uncomfortable amid coronavirus crisis across the globe. Plan a short three or four day trip to Vancouver British Canada. It’s only 143 miles from Washington State–two or three hour drive by car.

Tour the neighborhood villages

Downtown is just the start of the ‘Vancouver Experience.’ Walk or hop public transit and within minutes, you’ll enjoy the friendly reception from locals in one of the city’s diverse and distinctive small districts. The district has many independent boutiques on Main Street and coffee shops on Commercial Dr where you can enjoy shopping and sipping you favorite coffee or beverage The redbrick bars of Gastown or the heritage house beachfront of Kitsilano is the city ideal for exploring the urban lifestyle and chat with the locals about the exciting attractions and historic events that their town has to offer.

The locals would recommend attending indie festivals, and delightful theatrical events—toe-tapping to live music, waterfront Shakespeare shows and camera-ready menagerie of amazing public art.
Locals would also recommend visiting various independent galleries; a large public gallery that’s announce its grand-opening in new building consist of a huge, party-like open-house art crawl that attracts locals and visitors every November.

Outdoor Wonderland

Vancouver is surrounded by snow-capped mountains which are seen from downtown’s glass towers. The mountains are les than 30 minutes away by car. Vancouverites enjoy skiing in the morning and the afternoon, don’t turn down hanging out with them! The city’s nature North Shoreline offers snow sports, mountain biking and rainforest hiking trails, while the city offers sandy beach shorelines, kayaking routesm verdant gardens and Canada’urban green-space jewel, the highly beloved Stanley Park.

Some International Destinations Are Opening For Tourists In June

Americans have been staying close to home for the past two months, One might be wondering when will it be safe to travel? Even, when will it be safe to travel around the U.S.?

To answer these questions, it is not when the widespread travel restrictions will end. But doctors Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have some sense of what needs to happen so travelers can resume exploring the country and the world. For example, some infectious disease experts are providing information on when one can travel again and how to do it safely.

It is evidenced that many states are reopening. However, they have not announced or planned for welcoming tourists as they are beginning to explore the phases for reopening the state economy. There is a glimmer of light if making travel plan as states like Maine and Hawaii are states with 14-day quarantine requirements for all out-of-state visitors. Other states like New York remain mostly on lockdown. Dr. Kelly Cawcutt, MD, associate medical director infection control & epidemiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center asserts “ I would be somewhat hopeful that travel restrictions will release further in the coming months, although we may still see limitations in certain areas if there are “hot spots” of outbreaks,”

For an exact date to travel internationally is difficult to predict. “I think it is very difficult to determine when it will be safe to travel domestically and internationally,” Dr. Cawcutt says. She notes that place like Wahan where the COVID-19 outbreak originated have seen increases in cases after reopening. “it is unclear how significant the second wave of cases may be, but certainly we remain at risk and we’ll need to monitor these situations very closely in the coming weeks to months still,” she adds.

In March the U.S. State Department issued an global Level 4 Do Not Travel advisory. The restrictions o any travel abroad for U.S. citizens and residents still remains to date. For example the U.S. border closure to nonessential travel has been extended through May 21, though President Trump says, “it will be one f the early borders to be released,” reported by Associated Press News.

However, some areas are slowly opening up and other are providing timeline on when travel to their borders is like to resume. For example, popular beaches in Mexico, around Los Cabos and Cancun announced plan to reopen in June according to Travel Agent Central.
Doctors concert that international travel will resume, but like domestic travel it is difficult to predict. “I suspect as outbreaks settle down in countries, communities reopen, and potential second peak is passed, international travel will become somewhat safer, Dr. Cawcutt told Women’s Health.

Should you decide to make travel plans, it is suggested that you consult a travel agency and the U.S. State Department travel risk and safety before making final traveling plans. You can visit travel websites an; jot down important travel facts. In other words, do your research! Remember, your health and safety is paramount. While traveling, keep these important things in mind for you and your family.

• Bring your own hand sanitizer and mask.
• Maintain some level of physical distancing from other travelers.
• Consider the availability of medical care in your intended destination, if sickness occur.

What Travelers should know about the Coronavirus Pandemic and Travel Ban

Since the coronavirus epidemic, the CDC has been in complete operation of the deadly virus, reporting 6000 cases and causing 362 deaths so far with one outside of China mainland. In Hubei Province, cities have gone into lockdown. Airlines are cancelling flights to China and tourist attractions are closing down their operation in limit the spread of the virus. Authorities are encouraging travelers to avoid or cancel flights to China. And here in the U.S. In Rome, it was reported that a cruise ship has been contaminated after a couple with Marcu came down with a flu-like system causing increasing fear in the Rome.

The impact of the deadly virus has prompted the Chinese government to lockdown a number of cities in Hubei province while the United States and United Kingdom have issued a “travel ban’ releasing statement to encourage travelers to avoid “nonessential travel to China. Moreover, the U.S. and Japan have started an extraction of government personnel and their families from affected area.

Due to health concerns, many airlines flights are limiting or suspending flights to mainland China. One such flight is United Airlines has announced that it is canceling 24 flights during the first week of February, but will continue allowing some travelers access to China if they so choose. Waivers are offered to travelers who have already scheduled flights to Wuhan through the month of March or flights to China that were scheduled through February. American Airlines have taken a similar approach reducing flights through March 27.

Airlines in Hong Kong such as Cathay Pacific is reducing its flight by 50 percent through the end of March. Boats and trains and flights between mainland China and Hong Kong have been greatly reduced and screening procedures are intensified. Other airlines have announced suspension of flights into the near future. Lufthansa and its subsidiaries, Swiss and Austrian Air are canceling their flights to China through February 9. British Airways is planning to cancel flights until January 31 while airlines access the situation.

Come to Norway

The largest of Norway’s fjords, Sognefjord reaches 126 miles inland and branches off into smaller inlets and fjords along the way. At its widest, it is almost five km [[3 miles] across, and the cliff walls reach as high as 1,307 meters [4,000 feet] making a breathtaking sight. The most popular way to visit the fjord is by boat, and fjord cruises and sightseeing tours are plentiful, many of which depart conveniently from Bergen. Tourists will also enjoy exploring the narrower branches like Naeroyfjord that is over 3 mile stretch with cliff walls that are 820 feet apart and towers more than 1,700 meters [18,000 sq. ft] above the water. Another top destination is Fjærland, the region that houses Europe’s biggest glacier, Jostedalsbreen, and the Norwegian Glacier Museum.

Denial of a Professor Tenure, sparks a Debate Over Ethnic Studies

While the nation is under turmoil amid COVID-19 crisis, the learning gaps between race and class is predicted to widen from a disrupted academic learning among children in public schools in America, and the size of the gaps schools will be asked to fill when they reopen.

Research indicates by September; most students will have fallen behind where they would have been if they had remained in classrooms with some losing an equivalent of a full school’s year worth of academic learning. Racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps will most likely widen because of disparities in access to computers, home Internet connections and direct instruction from teachers.

The disparities in students’ achievement will grow even more if schools continue to teach fully or partly online in the fall if schools reopen with significant budget cuts because of economic downturn. Researchers predicts high school dropout rates could increase while younger children could miss out on fundamentals concepts in phonics and mathematical fractions that are essential concepts for preparing children for a lifetime of learning and working.

Danielle Gandy of South Los Angeles has spent many hours guiding/monitoring her child Cadynce who is six- year- old via online meetings and assignments provided by her charter school. After working with Cadynce for many hours, Ms. Gandy is concerned about her child’s progress in Math. “Looking at the work the teacher has done, “I applaud her,” Ms. Gandy said, but it’s maybe a fraction of what they would be learning if they were in an actual school setting,” she added.
Other teachers across the nation also worry. Mr. Clint Silva, a seventh grade Social Studies teacher in Aurora, Colorado outside of Denver was planning to spend the spring working with his students on research skills. For one remote assignment, he asked his students to create a primary source about the pandemic that future historian could consult. The main challenge that Mr. Silva student face is that they have not consistently engaged in remote assignments.

Other challenges are; students are not receiving traditional grades and [some] parent are working outside the home while others are not tech savvy and unable to help them with online schooling. Mr. Silva said, “ We know that this isn’t a good way to teach. We want to hold kids accountable. We want to see their progress, be in the classroom with them and see them struggle and overcome that. Instead, we are logging in for an hour a day, and kids are turning their cameras off and staying quiet and not talking to us.”

Due to recent suspension of regular standardized testing, some research uses past disruptions to learning such as natural disasters or summer break to project the potential impact of current crisis. Other studies look at schools that use online learning software before the coronavirus shutdown, and check to see how students performed using the same program from home.

However, such learning method only provide a fraction of student’s achievement in learning; thus, the average student could begin the next school year having lost as much as a third of expected learning progress from the previous year in reading and half of the expected progress in Math, according to a working paper from NWEA, a nonprofit organization and scholars at Brown University and the University of Virginia.

Looking at race disparities, an analysis of 800,000 students conducted by researchers at Brown and Harvard looked at how Zearn, an online Math program was used both before and after schools closed in March. It found that through late April, student progress in Math decreased by about half in classrooms located in low-income ZIP codes and not all in classrooms in high-income ZIP codes.

When all of the impacts are taken into account, the average student could fall seven months behind academically, while Blacks and Hispanic students could experience even greater learning losses, equivalent to 10 months for Black children and nine months For Latinos, according to an analysis from McKinsey & Company, the consulting group.

There are several reasons low-incomes, Black and Hispanic students appear to be suffering the most through the crisis. The Center on Reinventing Public Education. A think-tank is planning totg release an analysis of the pandemic policies of 477 school districts. It found that only a fifth have required live teaching video, and that weathy school districts were twicw as likely to provide such teaching as low-income districts.

While almost every school has provided assignments for student to complete independently, it does not necessarily means that teachers conducted the remote lessons; thus schools with many poor students sometimes chose to relax instructional expectations on teachers because they knew didn’t have reliable access to home computers or Internet connections able to stream video.

A Need for New Education Strategy: Current One Just Isn’t Working’: PISA Test Scores Cast Doubt on U.S. Education Efforts

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Perhaps, the educational system may need adopt Common Core Standard curriculum nationwide in teacher training and the distribution of quality instructional material to focus on high rich content that interest students and address their needs. For example, classroom instructions should address the population of students and families who are poor. Such population is recent immigrants who have learning needs providing the support of teachers, social workers, and support educators/translators.

According to recent PISA test was given in 2018 to 600,000 to a 15-year old age group in 79 education systems around the world—public and private schools students. In the United States a demographic population sample of 4,800 students from 215 school were administered the test which is given every three years. Test assessments mainly centered on questions in reading. Students were asked to determine or identify if written evidence supported a particular claim, and to distinguish between fact and opinion, among other related tasks.

The PISA revealed top performers in reading from four provinces of China—Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang with Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Estonia, Canada, Finland and Ireland who outperformed the United States. The United Kingdom [UK], Japan and Australia performed similarly to the United States

The top performers in reading were four provinces of China — Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Also outperforming the United States were Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Estonia, Canada, Finland and Ireland. The United Kingdom, Japan and Australia performed similarly to the United States.

Demographically, the United States achieved to close the gaps between native-born and immigrant students as gaps were smaller than gaps in peer nations. There has been a misconception that socioeconomic achievement gaps in the U.S. were much larger than those in the rest of the world as three percent American children from poor families were top performers in reading, compared with an average of four percent of poor children among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [O.E.C.D.] countries.
Indeed, the U.S. Education Systems has gradually declined since the beginning of 2000.
Educational researcher will need to dig deep to establish a nationwide curriculum [s] that in critical to providing quality or superior education of both public and private. The Common Core Standard curriculum could prove to be successful if each school districts across the nation would embrace it; developing highly rich content and teaching materials that would attract the attention of public and private school students.

Betsy DeVos at risk of subpoena after refusing to testify before House education panel

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has refused to testify before the House Of Education and Labor Committee regarding her department collecting on student loan debt from former Corinthian College students, despite a subpoena from House Democrats. Committee Chairman Bobby Scott [D-Va.] had given Secretary of Education DeVos until 6:00 p.m. to respond to the committee that she appear. The House Democrats are scheduled to hold a hearing on November 19 on the Education Department’s “refusal to provide debt relief” to students “who were defrauded” by the now defunct for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges, according to the hearing posting. The department had admitted that it mistakenly collected on 1600 students who burrowed loan from the for-profits Corinthian Colleges.
Ms. DeVos last month was held in contempt of court imposing a fine of $100,00 for violating an order to stop collecting on student loans from Corinthian Colleges.

In response to Ms. DeVos refusal to stop collection on student loans, House Democrat Chairman Scott sent Ms. DeVos a letter on November the 1 compelling that she appears voluntarily or the committee but to bring in its legal authority to settle the matter. However, before Mr. Scott November 1 letter, the department acting general counsel Reed Rubinstein wrote Mr. Scott saying that Education Secretary wasn’t able to testify citing “active litigation.” Despite of Mr. Scott follow-up letter saying the Ms. DeVos was the only appropriate Education Department witness to testify in this matter, Ms. DeVos in a letter release from the Department to Mr. Scott suggested, “ You and I have a conversation’ either in-person or over the phone at your convince about harrowing defense claims. She contend that she had originally suggest an in-person briefing with Scott and Mark Brown, the Head of Federal Student Loan because of the complexity in the case.

Ms. DeVos perception is that the back-and-forth letter seems to “do little to advance public good.” She contends that his letter suggests a basic “misunderstanding of the state of play.” Thus, she added the department wants to process student claims and “what we need is a swift action from the court.” Speaking as counsel of the Education Department, Rubinstein wrote in a letter to Chairman Scott that the department is adverse to the Secretary appearing before the committee at some point relatively near future to testify regarding Borrower Defense. Rubinstein posits that ti would be only appropriate after the committee heard from Mark Brown, and after the 9th Circuit Court District of Appeals renders a final decision based on merit of the case in pending appeal.

Considering the matter of collecting on Student Loans from for-profit Corinthian Colleges after graduates have defaulted on their loans and the due process that is expected to solve this matter, students will continued to be pressured to payback outstanding loans. As difficult as it is to finding substantial employment, it would be almost near impossible to pay off loan debts.

Bullying has become a serious problem today. Whether occurring on social media-Facebook in the workplace-harassment, or in schools it is infringement on one’s human rights. Linda Brown-Robinson of Syracuse/Onondaga NAACP who is the branch president told CNN affiliate WWNY that she “doesn’t know why people thinks that it’s acceptable to allow things in their presence or do things in the presence of others that are racially motivate…that is a learned behavior, they didn’t just get up that morning and decide they were going to whoop on a young person of color,” Brown-Robinson said. The NAACP president of Syracuse /Onandaga was speaking about an incident of a 10-year old African-American female student who was bullied on a school bus-First Student by two white girls 10 and 11 years old. In a deposition which the 10-year old African American student wrote that on September 9th while on the First Student bus a 10-year African American girl was asked by a white girl what was her first name in which she refused to tell. Then, the white girl asked what was her last name, what grade was she. Again, she refused answer. The white girl then kicked her on the right knee.

The next day, the 10-year old African American [victim] wrote that the same White girl was accompanied by another girl. The two girls discussed how the victim tried to fight the day before. The victim wrote that she “did not want to fight anyone.” An exchanged of words begin which one of the white girls to describe the victim as the [N-Word] while her compliance called the victim a [b three***ch]. The First Student Bus policy employs monitors for their buses as a hiring practice. Ms. Tiffany Spicer 38 was a monitor witnessed the entire episode and didn’t do anything about it. The victim wrote, “Tiffany did not do anything to keep me safe.”

Sargent Darren Fairbank of Gouverneur who was called on the case, wrote in his deposition that the surveillance video showed Ms. Spicer did go to the back of the bus but didn’t do anything to stop the attack and did nothing when one of the white female student yelled the N-Word. The victim wrote. “she did nothing to stop the attack, but said, “You guys are worse than my children.”

SGT Fairbanks also wrote the surveillance video showed a girl pulling the victims hair saying twice that “(N-word) always start it” and then “I like my people, but I don’t like your people.” White this incident took place another a male student came to help the African-America girl [victim] get off the bus

After police investigation, the two girls 10 and 11 were arrested and charged with one-count of aggravated harassment. The 11 year old girl was also charged with aggravated assault and third degree hate crime which is a felony. Spicer, the bus monitor was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child on Monday because police said she witnessed the assault, but “did not make any effort to stop and/or prevent said behavior.”

Appalled by the report about “the 20-minute race assault,” Gov Andrew Cuomo said in a statement on Wednesday, that this was allegedly perpetrated by her own classmates, on a school bus with an adult monitor present, makes this incident even more shocking and troubling,” he said.

Gov. Cuomo said that he is directing the New York State Division of Human Rights [DHR] to open an investigation into the school bus attack and to take legal action to the fullest extent of the law against the perpetrators.”

The Gouverneur Central School District superintendent, Lauren French told CNN affiliate WWNY that the school is planning to have sessions to educate students on bullying and race as well as separate ones for the community at large.

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